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Jukebox is an interesting music player that lets you listen to any music you have stored on your computer on a mobile device.

With a simple, elegant interface, you just have to select the folders where you store your music and Jukebox will keep checking them for any new files.

Once your library is ready, you can play any song or video from it, or create playlists.

The interesting thing about Style Jukebox is the ability to create a free storage account on the cloud where your files will be uploaded to, so you only have to install the appropriate application on an Android, Windows Phone or ( coming soon) iPhone, and you can listen to your music from wherever you are as long as you have internet access.

They have also thought about fans of social networks and the application includes buttons to share what you´re listening to with your friends.

This is definitely a great way to have all of your music in one place and access it on all your devices.
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